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 About The Author
I’ve always loved the English language. I love words and the way they communicate different feelings and ideas. When I was in Grade 1, my teacher informed me that I would be a writer someday. I had no idea how that prediction would be fulfilled, but God is amazing! I am so blessed to see where the Lord has led and the opportunities.... Learn more
Real Devotion
A compromising compromise
A little self-absorbed
Appreciate the moment
A prayer for the new year!
Appreciating the moment
Any questions?
Are you hiding from life?
Are you a hoarder?
Are you prepared?
As angry as you choose
Bad karma?
Begging or believing
Beginnings and endings
Besetting sins
Beware the morning
Beyond clichés
Breaking the cycle
By default
Can you compete?
Can we teach commitment - 1
Can we teach commitment - 2
Courage brother
Dealing with difficult people
Defining moments
Dog and bone
Don't be afraid to be content
Don't let it take over
Dreams deferred
Doing the work
Don't bother!
Enlarge your circle
Exhausting rest
Even the very hairs
Get a grip
Getting your hands dirty
Getting it
Give it a name
Guarding our sanity
Feeling left out?
Going Through
Have you set your mind?
Helping things along
He'll help you...if you let him
Hold your peace
How low can you go?
It's all in you!
In between
In the presence of a blessing
It's Your Choice
Is it nothing?
Intimacy or into me
It's that simple
It's still the golden rule
Jumping to conclusions
Justified just as if...
Kingdom - minded
Let go and hold on
Like it or not
Lord, I did it again
Loss lesson
My king
Never ever
Not again!
Now or later?
Ouch...praise the Lord!
Our own reasons
Outside influences
Perpetual wanting
Prey or choose
Prosper your soul
Putting the pieces together
Referent power
Rose tinted glasses
Standing on the promise
Rejecting rejection
Someone is praying for you
Sounding brass
Spiritual Significance
Support one another
Surrogate husbands
Take it easy
Take It personally
Taken away
The care and feeding of a relationship
The first step
The hopelessness of youth
The inheritance of grace
There is no God...?
That's not what I heard
The real you
The profession of your faith
The spirit of resistance
To bear or not to bear?
To gain understanding
Trouble by degrees
Unexpected expenses
Use your pain
Walking with the lord
What appeals to you?
What do you know?
What has fear cost you?
When the novelty wears off
Where's the other half?
Who knows?
Whose timeline?
Without price
Within sight
Would you be your friend?
Write the vision
You are adequate
Your biggest obstacle
You can fly
You were young once
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