From The Desk Of: Vincent M. Newton

on the completion of your Gospel album! All the hard work, dedication, and countless hours making the CD have finally paid off. I believe that music itself is a Ministry. Countless lives have been transformed by Gospel music. I am sure you are very excited and eager to promote your latest project.

Unfortunately, there are very few websites for Gospel musicians to expand and promote their Ministry. I have discovered several websites that cater to independent artists, but they all have one thing in common – Gospel music is always left out! Imagine that, the most beautiful music in world – excluded!

The few sites that sell Gospel music also sell a variety of other types of music. People who frequent these sites are unlikely to end up purchasing a Gospel album. Instead, they may purchase a Rock, Hip-Hop, or R&B CD. As a result, your album ends up getting “lost in the crowd.”

Attention Independent Artists!

I also believe that there are lots of talented individuals and groups who have not been discovered. They have decided to use their voices and/or instruments to spread the Gospel. Since the major Gospel labels cannot sign every artist, many talented singers and musicians are left out in the cold. Lack of talent or motivation is not the problem. The real culprit is lack of exposure. Album promotion is an issue that every Gospel singer must tackle. If not correctly, your project may have little success. Even worse, your album may not even get noticed at all. Instead of reaching millions of people worldwide, your project ends up collecting dust on a shelf.

Promoting Your Album

In order to successfully promote your work, it makes sense to place your album in front of individuals who actually enjoy listening to gospel music. These are the same people who attend church, gospel concerts, and sing in the Church Choir. These are the people who will support your Ministry. These are the people who will spread the word. This is where you need to be!

What Is The G.A.P.P?

The Gospel Artist Promotion Program (GAPP) was developed to ensure that your music Ministry touches as many lives as possible. Your Ministry deserves all the exposure it can handle. By now, you have probably performed at dozens of local Church events and Gospel concerts. I am confident that countless individuals have been blessed by your message in song.

There Will Always Be Something Special About Alive Performance!

Going out to a Gospel Concert is always fun. People will always enjoy a good concert. Having said that, giving live performances does have its limitations. For instance, you are limited by time and space. Your concert is scheduled at a specific date and location. Once you step off the stage, the music stops. You can no longer Minister to your listeners.

Share Your Ministry With Millions Of Individuals Who Love Gospel Music

You need to add another dimension to your Ministry. Having an online presence will allow you to reach Millions of people worldwide. Everyday, I receive emails from people who want to purchase Gospel music.

“Hi, I am writing you from the British Virgin Islands (Tortola) to find out if the music of New Dawn is available for purchase as I am most interested in adding them to my collection.” --Ellsworth Flax

Here Is Another Email I Received…

“I really enjoy your website. Where could I buy the song Attitude of Gratitude by Favored? What CD is that song on?” --Tracey S., N.J

Establishing an online presence will allow you reach out to countless individuals from around the Globe!

Canadian Exposure...

Every week, thousands of people from Toronto, Montreal, Windsor, and other Canadian cities visit my website. Expand your Music MInistry beyond the American border!
The Canadian Gospel scence is virtually untapped.

How Should You Promote Your Project?

Some methods are better than others. You could give out flyers at every Church in your city or at your local mall. You could call and notify your local radio station about your album release. Later on, I will reveal my innovative approach to Album Promotion.
Why Should I Choose the GAPP For Promoting My Album?

Great Ranking on Google / Yahoo

I am sure you have heard about the search engine Google. If not, Google is the most popular search engine on the net. Each day, millions of people visit in hopes of finding more information about a product or service. They do this by entering keywords or search phrases. Google then produces a list of related websites. Google has developed a complex algorithm that determines the importance and placement of each website. From Google's perspective, websites that appear closer to the top are deemed "more important.” There are a variety of factors that determine a website's ranking.

Some of the major factors are:

1. Age of the Website
· Older and more established websites apparently outrank new websites.
2. Link Popularity (amount of other websites that link to the site)
3. Structure of the Website
· Does the site have a good theme / silo structure?
4. Keyword Density
5. Directory Inclusion
· Is the website listed in the major directories?
6. Effective Use of Meta, Description and Alt Tags
7. The list goes on and on…seriously!

When somebody visits Yahoo or Google and types in "Listen to gospel music", that person is actively seeking a website where they can hear gospel music. As my friend Dennis often says, "Conversion not required.

Please note, I am not suggesting that my website appears on the 1st page for every single search phrase. That's impossible. For instance, if you visit and enter "listen to gospel music", my site has the # 1 position. However, when you enter "free gospel music" my website appears on the 2nd page on yahoo.

So What's My Point?

Search engines are complicated creatures. Google is constantly tweaking and adjusting its algorithm in an attempt to provide the most accurate search results. Nevertheless, my website is highly ranked on all of the major search engines for a variety of search phrases related to Gospel Music!

I cannot tell you how many emails I get from people who stumbled onto my website after using Google or Yahoo. Many of you found my website because you were actually looking for gospel song lyrics:

"I have to give you a standing ovation for the creation of the site, my brother. Down here in Boston, we don't really have a place where we can listen to gospel like you can on the site, so it truly is a blessing to see how God is moving in the world.…I actually stumbled across the site looking for song lyrics…"
--Bro Kenneth Pritchard Jr. (Boston, MA)

Once again, here is an individual who was actively seeking out Gospel music and song lyrics. Notice the keyword, "looking." You do not have to convince Brother Pritchard Jr. that Gospel music is good. You do not have to remind him to support Gospel music. He already knows that. His only concern is finding a place where he could enjoy some good music. Here is the bottom line - You need to place your project in front of people who actually love Gospel Music. You also need to find a place that can provide a steady stream of exposure.

Traffic Statistics now receives over 100,000 unique visitors each week. This averages out to approximately 15,000 different individuals each day! You can rest assured there is no better place for you to promote your latest project. The week of June 5th, 2006 saw a remarkable spike in traffic. Click here to view the chart.

A Long Term Approach

Charging you $700.00 for 1 week of advertising would not be fair. Seriously, how much exposure could you possibly receive in 7 days? Most marketing experts agree that you must expose potential buyers to an offer numerous times over an extended period of time in order to achieve any tangible results. For this reason, I have decided that the minimum “run time” will be 6 months. Anything less would not be worthwhile. You need to have a long-term strategy to help promote success.

A Three-Phase Approach Is Used To Highlight Your Album Release

PHASE 1 - The initial stage involves allowing users to actually see your face and/or album cover. By utilizing a variety of standard ad units including banners, billboards, doorway ads and our innovative iPOD Ads, your album will receive instant exposure. Each advertising package will have different options for you to choose.

– The second phase involves notifying our growing mailing list about your Gospel album. This is commonly referred to as an Email Blast. Currently, our list consists of over 3000 members. Each subscriber will be encouraged to purchase your CD and also “spread the word.” This is done to create a viral effect.

- The third and final stage is what sets apart from other websites. The Buy Link - This is the fun part. As you already know, allows even the first time visitor to listen to Gospel music for free by simply clicking on the song title. Once you join the GAPP, we will place a Buy link right next to each one of your songs. Once clicked, users will be instantly taken to your personal website. If you signed up with, listeners will be sent to your CD baby page where they can learn more about your Ministry and purchase your CD.

You Must Allow People To Hear Your Musi

I cannot overemphasize this enough. Long gone are the days of the 30 second clip / sample. This is extremely annoying to people! Don’t believe me?

Listen to what Mrs. Cenia J. Cliett of Middle Georgia had to say:

“Thank you so very much for having the heart to step out on faith for free to give your listeners a chance to get acquainted with God’s kingdom without getting annoyed with having to pay to sample an entire song before purchasing the CD. This is truly an inspirational move.”
Listening Versus Downloading – Read This!

Mrs. Cliett Went On To Say:

”I am truly impressed by your courage to keep this site clean from downloading songs illegally as well as viewers downloading to make there own personal CDs. This is a win / win situation all the way around!”

This is a crucial point since many visitors would not feel comfortable using the site if downloading was permitted.

But Wait, There’s More! Listen To What Denise Had To Say…

”Hello there, I am just writing to say, I love this website…ever since I discovered it, I must have purchased over 15 CD’s” - Denise Morgan, Detroit MI

Listening to Entire Songs v.s. Samples Increases Sales!

Allowing visitors to hear an entire song actually increases sales! It gives listeners an opportunity to really find the songs they will enjoy. If somebody really loves a song, they will buy it. You are encouraged to strike some sort of balance. I am not suggesting that you make your entire album available for listening. No way!

However, allowing listeners to hear a handful of songs is a step in the right direction. If you choose, you could add some tracks from past projects, or few new songs. The choice is yours!

Exposure In Canada

It's time to expand your music Ministry outside of the United States border. Many American artists & record labels do not realize that Toronto is an untapped market. Toronto, is Canada's largest city and the 5th largest city in North America. With a population of 3.5 million, Toronto continues to be the highest selling market of Gospel Music in Canada. It is for this reason that you must access this market.

The Gospel Artist Promotion Program can do this for you! In addition, you will also increase your chances of getting booked to perform live in Canada's largest city. All of the major event promoters and organziers visit this website. These individuals are very receptive to booking new and established artists for upcoming concerts & events. Remeber, all of your booking details will be included in your Artist biography.

You will also gain exposure in other Canadian cities:

1) Montreal
2) Vancouver
3) Brampton
4) Mississauga
5) Calgary
6) Ottawa (The Nation's capital)
7) Hamilton
8) London
9) KIngston
10) Halifax


For package rates, visit our contact us page, and select Gospel Artist Promotion Program.