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Album Covers
Shari Addison
Hezekia Walker  - Gospel Ringtones
Kim Burrell - Gospel Music Ringtones
Yolanda Adams - Gospel Music Ringtones
Smokie Norful
Deitric Haddon - Gospel Ringtones
The Gaithers - Gospel Music Ringtones
Yolanda Adams - Gospel Ringtones
The Clark Sisters - Gospel Ringtones
Donald Lawrence - Gospel Ringtones
Juanita Bynum  -  Gospel Ringtones
Vicki Yohe - Gospel Music Ringtones
Ben Tankard - Gospel Music Ringtones
Partners In Christ - Gospel Music Ringtones
John P. Kee - Gospel Ringtones
Byron Cage - Gospel Ringtones
Jaime Jorge - Gospel Music Ringtones
Marvin Sapp - Gospel Ringtones
Jaime Thietten - Gospel Music Ringtones
Fred Hammond  - Gospel Ringtones
Sean Hardin - Gospel Music Ringtones
Donnie McClurkin - Gospel Ringtones
DeWayne Woods
CeCe Winans - Gospel Ringtones




(New Songs / Sermons Added Every Month)



George Banton - Fly Away Home
George Banton - For You I Am Praying
George Banton - Higher Ground
George Banton - I Surrender All
George Banton - Leave Me At The Altar
George Banton - Never Grow Old
George Banton - Run Come Seek The Lord
George Banton - There Is Healing...
George Banton - We All Have to Part
George Banton - We Shall Be Changed
George Banton - You've Been Good To Me
Joy Lapps - Gospel Medley
Joy Lapps - Holy Holy Holy
Joy Lapps - I'll Fly Away
Joy Lapps - It Is Well With My Soul
Joy Lapps - Jesus Love Me
Joy Lapps - Jesus, Joy of Man's Desire
Joy Lapps - Open My Heart
Joy Lapps - Stand
Joy Lapps - Sweet Sweet Spirit
Joy Lapps - The Impossible Dream
Joy Lapps - The Lords My Sheppard
The UofT Gospel Choir - Soar Like An Eagle
The UofT Gospel Choir - Hallowed Be Thy...
The UofT Gospel Choir - Caribean Praise...
Londa Larmond - Love Letter
Londa Larmond - I Delight In You
Londa Larmond - Hold On
Marvia Providence - I Feel Like Running
Marvia Providence - Stop Let Me Tell You
Marvia Providence - Wonderful Jesus Is To Me
Marvia Providence - Hallelujah Praise The Lamb
Marvia Providence - No Not One
New Dawn
- Scars In His Hand

New Dawn - Can't Even Walk
New Dawn - Come To The Water
New Dawn - Halleluhah
New Dawn - He Touched Me
New Dawn - Heaven Sounder Sweeter
New Dawn - High Upon the Mountain
New Dawn - Oh How Sweet
New Dawn - Out of the Depth
New Dawn - Red Sea
New Dawn - Scars In His Hand
Richard J. Brown - Jesus Is Lord
New Dawn - Somebody Watching Over Me
Wings Of Love - Flying Higher
Wings Of Love - God On The Mountain
Wings Of Love - I've Found the Answer
Wings Of Love - Life Is Easy
Wings Of Love - Mercy
Wings Of Love - Stephen
Wings Of Love - Stroll Over Heaven
Wings Of Love - The Verdict
Wings Of Love - Thre Greatest Love Story
Wings Of Love - Thread of Hope
Wings Of Love - What Shall I Render

NEW GOSPEL MUSIC (2009 - 2010)  
Byron Cage - Faithful To Believe
Byron Cage - For My Good
Byron Cage - He Will Answer
Byron Cage - I Give You Praise
Byron Cage - In The Midst
Byron Cage - Lord You Are My Everything
Byron Cage - Thankful
Donald Lawrence - I Am Healed
Donald Lawrence - The Blessing Is On You
Donald Lawrence - There Is A King In You
Earnest Pugh - Bless His Name
Earnest Pugh - Healing
Earnest Pugh - Hosanna
Earnest Pugh - My Rock
Earnest Pugh - Oh Lord We Worship You
Earnest Pugh - Our God Is
Earnest Pugh - Rain On Us
Earnest Pugh - Rain On Us Reprise
Earnest Pugh - The Great I Am
Earnest Pugh - Your Voice
Fred Hammond - Awesome God
Fred Hammond - Best Thing That Ever
Fred Hammond - I Need You Right Away
Fred Hammond - Lord How I Love You
Fred Hammond - Nobody Like You Lord
Fred Hammond - Take My Hand
Fred Hammond - Thank You Prelude
Fred Hammond - They That Wait
Fred Hammond - Thoughts Of Love
Fred Hammond - We Give You All The Praise
Fred Hammond - You Called Me Friend
Israel Houghton - Better to Believe
Israel Houghton - Every Prayer
Israel Houghton - Everywhere That I Go
Israel Houghton - I Receive
Israel Houghton - Just Wanna Say
Israel Houghton - The Power of One
Israel Houghton - U R Loved
Israel Houghton - We Speak To Nations
Israel Houghton - You Found Me

Marvin Sapp - I Came
Marvin Sapp - Keep Holding On
Marvin Sapp - Fresh Wind
Marvin Sapp - Comfort Zone
Marvin Sapp - Wait
Marvin Sapp - He Has His Hands On You
Marvin Sapp - Don't Count Me Out
Marvin Sapp - The Best In Me
Marvin Sapp - Here I Am
Marvin Sapp - Praise You Forever
Marvin Sapp - More Than A Conqueror
J Moss - Anointing
J Moss - God First
J Moss - God Happens
J Moss - Holy One
J Moss - I Gave It Up
J Moss - Just James
J Moss - Nobody
J Moss - Rebuild
J Moss - Restored
J Moss - Sweet Jesus
Tamela Mann - Anoint Me Lord
Tamela Mann - Heaven (The Love Song)
Tamela Mann - Here I AM
Tamela Mann - Lay It On The Altar
Tamela Mann - Motherless Child
Tamela Mann - Send Me
Tamela Mann - Step Aside
Tamela Mann - Thank You Jesus
Tamela Mann - The Master Plan
Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Any Way You...
Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Good News
Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Greater
Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Help
Vanessa Bell Armstrong - The Blood
Vanessa Bell Armstrong - The Greatest Power
Vickie Winans - How I Got Over
Vickie Winans - Already Been To the River
Vickie Winans - Dance Till the Wall Come Down
Vickie Winans - He'll Work It Out
William McDowell - As We Worship
William McDowell - Come Unto Me
William McDowell - I Want to Know You
William McDowell - My Desire
William McDowell - The Sound of Heaven
Youthful Praise - Resting On His Promise

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - For Every Mountain
Byron Cage - I Will Bless The Lord
Byron Cage - Holy, Holy , Holy
Byron Cage - Broken But I'm Healed
Byron Cage - Glory To Your Name
Byron Cage - There Is A Name
Byron Cage - We Love You
Byron Cage - Breathe
Byron Cage - It Is To You
Byron Cage - Magnify
Byron Cage - Rain On Me
Byron Cage - The Presense Of The Lord
Faithful Central Church - Great Is Thy...
Faithful Central Church - We Sing Hallelujah
Faithful Central Church - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Faithful Central Church - In This Place
Faithful Central Church - I'm Standing
Faithful Central Church - Holy Holy Is The Lord
Faithful Central Church - Welcome
Faithful Central Church - Zion Rejoice
Faithful Central Church - We've Come To
Faithful Central Church - Open The Eyes
Of My...
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Wonderful Is Your Name
Israel &New Breed - Alpha & Omega
Israel &New Breed - Again I Say Rejoice
Israel &New Breed - You Are Good
Israel & New Breed - Trading My Sorrows
Israel & New Breed - There's A Liftin Of Hands
Israel & New Breed - Here I Am To Worship
Israel &New Breed - Taste & See
Israel & New Breed - Who Is Like The Lord
Israel &New Breed - I Lift Up My Hands
Israel &New Breed - I Exalt Thee
Joshua's Troop - Everybody Clap Your
Joshua's Troop - LOVE
Joshua's Troop - When I Think Of His...
Joshua's Troop - Lord You've Been So Good
Juanita Bynum - Wonderful Is Your Name
Judy Jacobs - Days Of Elijah
Judy Jacobs - Holy Is The Lord
Judy Jacbos - Jesus Heals The Broken
Judy Jacobs - Mercy Said No
Judy Jacobs - Let The Church Rise
Judy Jacobs - Because Of Who You Are
Judy Jacobs - Blessings & Honor
Judy Jacobs - Praise, Praise, Praise
Judy Jacobs - No One Else Like You
Judy Jacobs - We Speak To Nations
Judy Jacobs - My Soul Is Anchored
Judy Jacobs - I Will Worship You
Judy Jacobs - Worthy
Judy Jacobs - Holy Is The Lord
Judy Jacobs - Healing In This House
Judy Jacbos - Lord, I Need To Praise You

Judith C. McAllister - Oh Give Thanks.
Kevin Levar - Let's Come Together
Kevin Levar - He Reigns
Kevin Levar - Heaven Have Your Way
Kevin Levar - My Everything
Kevin Levar - Just Like You
Kevin Levar - Such An Awesome God
Marvin Sapp - Never Could've Made It
Marvin Sapp - Praise Him In Advance
Marvin Sapp - Hallelujah
Marvin Sapp - Speak To Me Heart
Marvin Sapp - He Won't Fail
Marvin Sapp - I Believe
Marvin Sapp - One Thing
Marvin Sapp - You Are God Alone
Marvin Sapp - Go Tell Somebody
Marvin Sapp - In The Garden
Marvin Sapp - Above All
Marvin Sapp - Place of Worship
Marvin Sapp - Possess the Land
Marvin Sapp - Changed
Marvin Sapp - Do You Know Him
Marvin Sapp - Everything That I Am
Marvin Sapp - Trust In You
Marvin Sapp - Perfect Peace
Marvin Sapp - Worshiper In Me

Mary Alessi - There Is A River
Mary Alessi - Come Boldy
Mary Alesso - Always Welcome
Mary Alessi - Thrist For You
Mary Alessi - You Are God
Mary Alessi - Agnus Dei
Mary Alessi - As A Deer
Micah Stampley - Holiness Is What I Long For
Norman Hutchins - Hold On
Norman Hutchins - Get Ready For Your Miracle
Norman Hutchins - Jesus I Love You
Norman Hutchins - Preaise & Worship Medley
Norman Hutchins - We Sing Praises
Norman Hutchins - Emmanual
Norman Hutchins - It's Your Season
Norman Hutchins - God's Got A Blessign
Richard Smallwood & Vision - Total Praise
Richard Smallwood - Pslams 8
Richard Smaillwood - Center Of My Joy
Richard Smallwood - I Love The Lord
Richard Smallwood - My Everything
Richard Smallwood - I Love The Lord
Richard Smallwood - Anthem Of Praise
Richard Smallwood - Procession Of The Levites
/ Anthem Of Praise
Richard Smallwood - Angels
Richard Smallwood - Faith
River Of Live Choir - Oh Lord How Excellent
Robert Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
Roberty Kelly - You Saved Me
Rodney Bryant - I'm A Worshiper
Rodney Bryant - We Offer Praise
Shekinah Glory Ministry - All Hail The King
Shekinah Glory Ministry - Fall On Me
Shekinah Glory Ministry - God's Gift
Shekinah Glory Ministry - I Embrace You
Shekinah Glory Ministry - Hallelujah Praise
Shekinah Glory Ministry - Yes
Shekinah Glory Ministry - How Deeply I Need You
Shekinah Glory Ministry - Jesus
Shekinah Glory Ministry - What A Love
Shekinah Glory Ministry - Before Your Throne
Shekinah Glory Ministry - Praise Is What I Do
Stephen A. Hurd - Lead Me To The Rock
Stephen A. Hurd - The Glory Chant
Stephen A. Hurd - Let It Rise
Stephen A. Hurd - Rejoice
Stephen A. Hurd - Zion Is Calling
Stephen A. Hurd - There Is None Like You
Stephen A. Hurd - Morning Medley
Stephen A. Hurd - Philippians 4:13
The Born Again Gospel Choir - Exalted Praise
Various Artists - We Praise You
VaShawn Mitchell - Where The Praises Are
VaShawn Mitchell - Crazy Praise
William Murphy III - Worship Experience
William Murphy III - I Will Rejoice
William Murphy III - Ignite My Fire
William Murphy III - Overflow
William Murphy III - Amazing God
William Murphy III - I'm Changing
William Murphy III - Empty Me

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - For Every Mountain
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - It's Amazing
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I'm Amazed
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Thou Oh Lord
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Lift Your Voice
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Soon & Very Soon
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - All The Way To...
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Amazing Grace
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Church Medley
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - He's God
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Happy Birthday Jesus
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Heaven On My Mind
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - He Reigns
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Heaven On My Mind
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - How Great Thou Art
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I Adore You
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I Bless Your Name
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I Love You Lord
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I Never Lost My Praise
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I'll Say Yes
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - In the Name of Jesus,
Power in the Blood
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - In the Presence
of Jehovah
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Jehovah Jireh
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Oh Glory Hallelujah
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Oh Happy Day
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Sing Alleluia
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Surely the Presence
, I Feel Jesus
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Take Up Your Cross
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Were You There
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - What A Friend
We Have In Jesus
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Worthy Is The Lamb
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir & M. English -
I Bowed On My Knees
My Knees
Born Again Church Choir - Isaiah
Born Again Church Choir - I Delight In Your...
Born Again Church Choir - Holiness Is Right
Chicago Mass Choir - God Is My Everything
Chicago Mass Choir - Hod On
Chicago Mass Choir - I Heard
Chicago Mass Choir - I"m Gonna Praise...
Chicago Mass Choir - Let's Praise Jesus
Chicago Mass Choir - Sending up Our Praises
Chicago Mass Choir - Spirit of the Living God
Chicago Mass Choir - Wash Me Lord
Chicago Mass Choir - We Can Do All Things
Chicago Mass Choir - Every Chance I Get
Chicago Mass Choir - He's Alright
Chicago Mass Choir - I Believe In the Power...
Chicago Mass Choir -
Chicago Mass Choir - Oh Taste & See
Chicago Mass Choir - He's Working It Out...
Colorado Mass Choir - So Good
Colorado Mass Choir - Still Have Joy
Donald Lawrence & TCS - Bless Me
Donald Lawrence & TCS - You Are An Heir
Donald Lawrence & TCS - God
Donald Lawrence & TCS - The Blessings
Of Abraham
Donald Lawrence & TCS - You Are An Heir
Dynamic Praise - His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Dynamic Praise - Jesus Is A Rock
Dynamic Praise - Give Him Praise
Dynamic Praise - Dynamic Praise
Dynamic Praise - All Things Work Together
Florida Mass Choir - I Just Cannot Stop
Florida Mass Choir - Jesus Is The Light
Georgia Mass Choir - Come On In This Room
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - The Battle...
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - The Gospel Of Jesus
Hezekiah Walker - Calling My Name
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Try Christ
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Lord, Do It
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Jesus Is My Help
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - He's On You Side
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Souled Out
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Do You Know Jesus
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Faithful Is Our God
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - I Need You To Survive
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Lift Him Up
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - New Born Soul
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - I Told The Storm
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - We Made It
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Praise Is What I Do
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - I'll Make it
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Power Belongs To God
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - I Will Bless The
Lord At All Times
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Keep On Moving On
James Cleveland - In Need Of A Blessing
James Hall - For Your Name Is To Be Praised
James Bignon - For The Rest Of My Life
James Bignon - God is Great
James Bignon - He Made the Difference
James Bignon - I Came to Lift Him Up
James Bignon - I Can't Thank Him Enough
James Bignon - King of Glory
James Bignon - What a Mighty God We Serve
James Bignon - Sweet Anointing
John P. Kee & New Life - Stir It Up
John P. Kee & New Life - In This House
John P. Kee & New Life - Come In The House
John P. Kee & New Life - We Walk By Faith
John P. Kee & New Life - Be Encouraged
John P Kee & New Life - God Of Mercy
John P. Kee & New Life - It Will Be Alright
John P. Kee & New Life - Because Of Calvary
John P. Kee & New Life - Thank You Lord
John P. Kee & New Life - Stand!
John P. Kee & New Life - I Must Tell Jesus
John P. Kee & New Life - Changed Me
John P. Keep & New Life - Oh Lord, Our God
Los Angelas Mass Choir - We Exalt Thee
Luther Barnes - I'im Still Holding On
Luther Barnes - He Cares
Luther Barnes - So Satisfied
Madisson Mission Mass Choir - Open Praise
Madisson Mission Mass Choir - Great &
Madisson Mission Mass Choir -
Don't Forget
The Sabbath Day
Mississippi Mass Choir - He's Able
Mississippi Mass Choir - There's
None Like Him
Mississippi Mass Choir - Your Grace
& Mercy
Motor City Mass Choir - You Are Holy
Motor City Mass Choir - Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Motor City Mass Choir - We Are
Marching To Zion
Motor City Mass Choir - We Behold You
Motor City Mass Choir - Use Me
New Direction - Come In This House
New Direction - I Came To Jesus
New Direction - What Manner Of Man
New Direction - Have You Way
New Direction - This Is The Day
New Direction - When I Get There
New Direction - Rain
New Life Community Choir - I Will
Worship Thee
New Life Community Choir - Jesus Is Real
New Life Community Choir -
You Can Make It
Milton Brunson - Available To You
Milton Brunson - For The Good of Them
Milton Brunson - He Cares For You
Milton Brunson - He's Keeping Me
Milton Brunson - I Tried Him & I Know
Milton Brunson - I'm Free
Milton Brunson - Jesus Rose
Milton Brunson - Just a Prayer Away
Milton Brunson - Lord I Believe
Milton Brunson - There's No Failure
Milton Brunson - I'm Available To You
Rev. James Cleveland - No Greater Love
Milton Brunson - I'm Available To You
Rev. Milton Brunson - I Tried Him
Rev. Timothy Wright - Trouble Don't
Last Always
Rev. Timothy Wright - I'm Glad About It
Rich Mullings - Awesome God
The Born Again Choir Church - Exalted
Toronto Mass Choir - Soar Like An Eagle
Toronto Mass Choir - God Is Our Hope
Toronto Mass Choir - Caribbean
Praise Medley
Twinkie Clarke - Let Everything That
hath Breath
Youthful Praise - He Reigns
Youthful Praise - Incredible God,
Incredible Praise
Youthful Praise - In Your Favor
Youthful Praise - You Are Awesome
Youthful Praise - He Reigns


BeBe Winans - Question Is
BeBe & CeCe Winans - Tomorrow
BeBe & CeCe Winans - Lost Without You
BeBe & CeCeWinans - Addictive Love
BeBe & CeCeWinans - Holy Spirit...
BeBe & CeCe Winans - Lost Without You
BeBe & CeCe Winans - Lord Lift Us Up
BeBe & CeCe Winans - Heaven
BeBe & CeCe Winans - For Always
Bebe & Cece Winans - El Shaddai
Beverley Crawford - Higher In The Lord
Beverley Nares - No More Night
Beverley Nares - He's Always There
Carl Thomas - Angels
CeCe Winans - Alabaster Box
CeCe Winans - It Wasn't Easy
CeCe Winans - All That I Need
CeCe Winans - King Of Kings
CeCe Winans - He Is Concerned
CeCe Winans - It Wasn't Easy
CeCe Winans - Comforter
CeCe Winans - You're So Holy
CeCe Winans - How Great Thou Art
CeCe Winans - Mercy Said No
CeCe Winans - On That Day
CeCe Winans - All In Your Name
CeCe Winans - I Am
CeCe Winans - It Wasn't Easy
CeCe Winans - Mercy Said No
CeCe Winans - I'm Going Up Yonder
CeCe Winans - Bless His Holy Name
CeCe Winans - Waging War
CeCe Winans - The Coast Is Clear
CeCe Winans - Forever
Crystal Aikin - A Song About Jesus
Crystal Aikin - Love Him
Crystal Aikin - He's Worthy
Crystal Aikin - Lord You Reign Forever
Crystal Aikin - I Desire More
Destiny Praise - He Will
DeWayne Woods - God Is
DeWayne Woods - Made A Way
DeWayne Woods - God Still Heals
DeWayne Woods - I Wanna Be Where You Are
Donald Lawrence & The TCS - Giants
Coko - Mighty God
Coko - Grateful
Coko - Holy
Coko - I Promise
Commissioned - Back In The Saddle
Commissioned - City
Commissioned - Cry On
Commissioned - Everlasting Love
Commissioned - Find Myself In You
Commissioned - Giving My Problems To You
Commissioned - Go Tell Somebody
Commissioned - Hold Me (Leaning)
Commissioned - Hype (Strange Land)
Commissioned - I Am Here
Commissioned - I Can't Live Without You
Commissioned - I"m Going Home
Commissioned - King Of Glory
Commissioned - Lay Your Troubles Down
Commissioned - Let Me Tell It
Commissioned - Lord Jesus Help Me
Commissioned - Love Isn't Love
Commissioned - Please You More
Commissioned - Running Back To You
Commissioned - Secret Place
Commissioned - So Good To Know (The Savior)
Commissioned - Triumphant Entry
Commissioned - Victory
Commissioned - When Love Calls You Home
Commissioned - Will You Be Ready?s
Commissioned - You Keep On Blessing Me
Commissioned - You've Got A Friend
Commissioned - Tis So Sweet
Commissioned - Testify
Damita - Calvary
Damita - Day Go By
Damita - I Can Feel Him
Damita - My Soul Says Yes
Damita - No Looking Back
Damita - Real Friend
Damita - Won't Be Affraid
Daniel Austin - Be Transformed
Darwin Dobbs - Grace
Daryl Coley - There's Nobody Like Jesus
Daryl Coley - Stand Still & Know
Debra Killings - Jesus
Deitrick Haddon - Won't Stop Praying
Deitrick Haddon - God Is Good
Deitrick Haddon - I'm Alive
Deitrick Haddon - Trusting In God
Deitrick Haddon - Cound Your Blessings
Donnie McClurkin - Stand
Donnie McClurkin - Victory Chant
Donnie McClurkin - We Wall Down
Donald Lawrence - Right Now
Donnie McClurkin - Languarge Medley
Donnie McClurkin - Caribean Medley

Donnie McClurkin - That's What I Believe
Donnie McClurkin - Holy
Donnie McClurkin - Yes You Can
Donnie McClurkin - Awesome God
Donnie McClurkin - Speak To My Heart
Donnie McClurkin - I Came For Deliverance
Donnie Mclurkin - Who Would've Thought
Donnie McClurkin - I Call You Faithful
Donnie McClurkin - Let The River Flow
Donnie McClurkin - Satisfy My Soul
Donnie McClurkin - Only You Are Holy
Donnie McClurkin - Jesus, Just The Mention
Donnie McClurkin - You Are My God & King
Donnie McClurkin & R.Smallwood - Total Praise
Donald Lawrence - Home Someday
Donald Lawrence - We Are All One
Dorinda Clark-Cole - Nobody But God
Dorinda Clark-Cole - Everything He Promised
Dorinda Clark-Cole - Great Is The Lord
Dorinda Clark-Cole - I've Got A Reason
Dorinda Clark-Cole - No Not One
Dorinda Clark-Cole - Take It Back
Dorinda Clark-Cole - Say Yes
Dorinda Clark-Cole - Yesterday
Dorinda Clark-Cole - For The Rest Of My Life
Dorinda Clark-Cole - So Many Times
Dorinda Clark-Cole - I"m Still Here
Dorinda Clark-Cole - Worked Out For My Good
Favored - Attitude Of Gratitude
Fred Hammond - Something Bout Love
Fred Hammond - It Took A Child To Save...
Fred Hammond - More Of You
Fred Hammond - No Greater Love
Fred Hammond - Bread Of Life
Fred Hammond - Dance Like David
Fred Hammond - And We Worship You
Fred Hammond - Thank You Lord
Fred Hammond - Glory To Glory
Fred Hammond - I Know It Was The Blood
Fred Hammond - Your Steps Are Ordered
Fred Hammond - Oh Give Thanks
Fred Hammond - He Lives
Fred Hammond - Breathe In Me Oh Lord
Fred Hammond - You're Steps Are Ordered
Fred Hammond - When You Praise
Fred Hammond - You Are The Living Word
Fred Hammond - We're Blessed In The City
Fred Hammond - Blessed Be The Name...
Helon Baylor - Awesome God
Helon Baylor - Sea Of Forgetfulness
Heather Headley - Ordinary Me
Heather Headley - Jesus Is Love
Heather Headley - Running Back To You
Heather Headley - Zion
James Fortune & Fiya - Follow You
James Fortune & Fiya - You Survived
James Fortune & Fiya - Great Is The King
James Fortune & Fiya - The Transformation
James Fortune & Fiya - Willing To Trade
James Fortune & Fiya - Just To Worship
James Fortune & Fiya - You Are Holy
James Fortune & Fiya - If You Want To
James Fortune & Fiya - I Need Your Glory
James Fortune & Fiya - My Farther Knows
James Fortune & Fiya - I'm Good
James Fortune & Fiya - GodCan
James Fortune & Fiya - We Welcome Your Presense
Jame Bowman III - Love Lifted Me
J. Moss - Me Again
Joann Rosario - Open My Eyes Lord
Joann Rosario - With All My Heart
Joann Rosario - God
Joann Rosario - Sing Of Your Goodness
Jonathan Nelson - My Name Is Victory
Jonathan Nelson - Already Mine
Jonathan Nelson - Right Now Praise
Jonathan Nelson - Healed
Jonathan Nelson - Great & Mighty
Jonathan Nelson - Only You
Marvin Sapp - Never Could've Made It
Marvin Sapp - In The Garden
Marvin Sapp - Praise Him In Advance
Marvin Sapp - Speak To Me Heart
Niyoki - He's Here
Niyoki - Joy
Niyoki - Thank You Lord
Shari Addison - Whateva
Shari Addison - He Does All Things Well
Shari Addison - Please Make Me Better
Shari Addison - Can't Make It Without You
Shari Addison - No Blessing, No Battle
Spensha Baker - Strong Tower
Spensha Baker - Hallelujah
Juanita Bynum - I Will Wait For You
Juanita Bynum - Jesus What A Wonder
Karen Clark-Sheard - Can't Take It
Karen Clark-Sheard - God Is Here
Karen Clark-Sheard - Gotta Right
Karen Clark-Sheard - I Give You Favor
Karen Clark-Sheard - Sometimes
Karen Clark-Sheard - You Showed Me
Karen Clark-Sheard - Unconditional
Karen Clark-Sheard - We Acknowledge You
Karen Clark-Sheard - We Are Not Ashamed
Karen Clark-Sheard -The Heavens Are Telling
Kelly Price - Healing
Kelly Price - This Is Who I Am
Kelly Price - What A Friend
Kierra "Kiki" Sheard - You Don't Know
Kirk Franklin - Could've Been Me
Kirk Franklin - Hero
Kirk Franklin - The Appeal
Kirk Franklin - Worship Medley
Kirk Franklin - Imagine Me
Kirk Franklin - Brighter Day
Kirk Franklin - Looking For You
Kirk Franklin - Faith
Kirk Franklin - Free
Kirk Franklin - First Love
Kirk Franklin - The Family Worship Medley
Kirk Franklin - My Life, My Love, My All:
Kirk Franklin - Hosana
Kirk Franklin - Why We Sing
Kirk Franklin - The Storm Is Over Now
Kirk Franklin - Stomp
Kirk Franklink - Thank You
Kirk Franklin - More Than I Can Bear
Kirk Franklin - Lean On Me
Kirk Franklin - Silver & Gold
Kirk Franklin - Now Behold The Lamb
Kirk Franklin - You Are
Kirk Franklin - My Desire
Kirk Franklin - Blessing In The Storm
Kirk Franklin - Always
Kirk Franklin - Help Me Believe
Kirk Franklin - Revolution
Kirk Franklin - Hold Me Now
Kirk Franklin - Nobody
Kirk Franklin - Something About The Name
Kurt Carr - God Great God
Kurt Carr - In The Santuary
Kurt Carr - God Blocked It
Kurt Carr - I Almost Let Go
Kurt Carr - If I Tell God
Lamar Campbell - The Lord Will Give You...
Lamar Campbell - I Really Love You
Lamar Campbell - You Rescued Me
Lamar Campbell - There's Nothing Too Hard

Lamar Campbell - With My Whole Heart
Lamar Campbell - It's All About The Love
Lamar Campbell - He Won't Let You Down
Lamar Campbell - Hymn Of Praise
Lamar Campbell - I'll Forever Give You Praise
Lamar Campbell - You Are God
Lamar Campbell - I Live To Worship You
Lamar Campbell - Authority
Lamar Campbell - More Than Anything
LaShell Griffin - He's Coming Again
Londa Larmond - Love Letter
Londa Larmond - I Delight In You
Londa Larmond - Hold On
Luther Barnes - So Satisfied
Luther Barnes - No Matter How High I Get
Mahalia Jackson - God Is So Good
Mahalia Jackson - In The Upper Room
Mahalia Jackson - Joshua Fit The Battle
of Jericho
Marcus Cole - Please You More
Marcus Cole - Finally
Marcus Cole - When Love Calls
Marcus Cole - Secret Place
Marcus Cole - That's Alright
Mary Mary - Can't Give Up Now
Mary Mary - So Close
Mary Mary - Wanna Praise You
Mary Mary - Stand Still
Martha Munizzi - God Is Here
Martha Munizzi - Be Joyful
Martha Munizzi - Mighty God
Marvin Sapp - Never Could've Made It
Marvin Sapp - Praise Him In Advance
Marvin Sapp - Thristy
Marvin Sapp - Speak To Me Heart
Marvin Sapp - He Won't Fail
Marvin Sapp - I Believe
Marvin Sapp - One Thing
Marvin Sapp - You Are God Alone
Marvin Sapp - Go Tell Somebody
Marvin Sapp - In The Garden
Marvin Sapp - Above All
Marvin Sapp - Place of Worship
Marvin Sapp - Possess the Land
Marvin Sapp - Changed
Marvin Sapp - Do You Know Him
Marvin Sapp - Everything That I Am
Marvin Sapp - There's None Like You
Marvin Sapp - Trust In You
Marvin Sapp - Perfect Peace
Marvin Sapp - Worshiper In Me
Maurette Brown Clark - The One He
Kept For Me
Maurette Brown Clark - Alright
Maurette Brown Clark - We Worship You
Maurette Brown Clark - Breaking Of Day
Maurette Brown Clark - Follow Me
Maurette Brown Clark - I Look To Jesus
Maurette Brown Clark - Just Want
To Praise You
Maurette Brown Clark - Oh How I
Love Jesus
Maurette Brown Clark - Restoration
Maurette Brown Clark - I Have Decided...
Maurette Brown Clark - One God
Men Of Standard - In Your Will
Myron Butler & Levi - Set Me Free
Nicole C. Mullen - Redeemer
Nicole C. Mullen - When Heaven Comes
Nicole C. Mullen - Without You
Nikki Potts - They Didn't Know
O'Landa Draper - My Sould Doth Magnify
The Lord
Rev. James Cleveland - No Greater Love
Rev. James Cleveland - Standing In The Need
Rev. James Cleveland - Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
Rev. James Cleveland - God Has Smiled On Me
Rev. James Cleveland - I Know I've Been Changed
Rev. James Cleveland - God Will Take Care of You
Rev. James Cleveland - Thank You
Rev. James Cleveland - Jesus Is the Best Thing
Rev. James Cleveland - Lord Help Me To Hold Out
Rev. James Cleveland - Peace Be Still
Rev. James Cleveland - I Stood On The Banks of...
The Need
Of A Blessing
Rev. Paul Jone - I Won't Complain
Rev. Paul Jone - Wounded
Richard J. Brown - Jesus Is Lord
Rodnie Bryant - He's A Keepa
Rodnie Bryant - We Offer Praise
Rodnie Bryant - Blessed Be The Name
Of The Lord
Rodnie Bryant - I'm A Worshiper
Rodnie Bryant - We've Come This Far
By Faith
Ruben Studdard - Center Of My Joy
Sandi Patti - More Than Wonderful
Sandi Patti - They Could Not
Sandi Patti - It Is Well With My Soul
Sandi Patti - Bethlehem Morning
Sandi Patti - Via Dolorosa
Sandi Patti - We Shall Behold Him
Sandi Patti - O Magnify The Lord
Sandi Patti - When The Time Comes
Sandi Patti - The Day He Wore
My Crown
Sandi Patti - Let There Be Praise
Sandi Patti - Someone Watching Over You
Sandi Patti - The Old Rugged Cross
Sean Hardin - Been So Good
Sean Hardin - Free
Sean Hardin - Hold On
Shirley Caesar - Soon I Will Be Done
Shirley Casear - He's Working It Out
Shirley Caesar - I Won't Complain
Shirley Caesar - Order My Steps
Shirley Caesar - You're Next
In Line For A Miracle
Shirley Caesar - Starting All Over Again
Shirley Caesar - Stand Still
Shirley Caesar - I Feel Like Praising Him
Smokie Norful - I Need You Now
Smokie Norful - Healing In His Tears
Smokie Norful - Run To You
Smokie Norful - Still Say Thank You
Smokie Norful - I Understand
Shirley Murdock - Jesus Is Love

Tanya Blount & Lauren Hill - His Eye
Is On The Sparrow
Ted & Sheri - God Will Take Care
Ted & Sheri - Totally Free
The Annointed - Eternal Life
The Annointed Pace Sisters - He Keeps Doing
Great Things
The Annointed Pace Sisters - Jesus Be A Fence
The Annointed Pace Sisters - My Purpose
The Annointed Pace Sisters - Prayer Will Fix It...
The Annointed Pace Sisters - To Be Like Jesus
The Annointed Pace Sisters - U-Know
The Annointed Pace Sisters - When God's In the Building
The Annointed - Mighy Long Way
The Canton Spirituals - Clean Up
The Canton Spirituals - Going Back
To Church
The Canton Spirituals - Heavenly Choir
The Canton Spirituals - I Recommend Jesus
The Canton Spirituals - I Won't Complain
The Canton Spirituals - I'm In Your Care
The Canton Spirituals - Strugglin & Strainin
The Canton Spirituals - Tell Me How Long
The Canton Spirituals - Ride This Train
The Canton Spirituals - I Made It
The Canton Spirituals - Fix It Jesus
The Canton Spirituals - Break Bread
The Canton Spirituals - Still Waters
The Canton Spirituals - Wonderful Change
The Canton Spirituals - Call Jesus
The Canton Spirituals - Watch Him Move
The Canton Spirituals - That Man
The Canton Spirituals - Nearer My God To Thee
The Canton Spirituals - Standing
In The Need...
The Canton Spirituals - Father, I'm
Coming Home
The Clarke Sisters - Jesus Is A Love Song
The Clarke Sisters - Instrument Of Praise
The Clarke Sisters - God Understands
The Clark Sisters - Blessed & Highly Favored
The Clarke Sisters - Jesus Brought The Sunshine
The Clarke Sisiters - What God Has For Me
The Mighty Clouds of Joy - Walk Around...
The Mighty Clouds of Joy - I've Been In...
The Mighty Clouds of Joy - Jesus Cares
The Mighty Clouds of Joy - Walk With You
The Rance Allen Group - Reason To Survive
The Rance Allen Group - Season of Jubilee
The Rance Allen Group - I'm Gonna Make It...
The Rance Allen Group - Keep On Blessing Me
The Rance Allen Group - I Belong To You
The Rance Allen Group - I Know A Man
The Rance Allen Group - I Found A Friend
The Rance Allen Group - He Delivered Me
The Rance Allen Group - Rain On Me
The Rance Allen Group - Miracle Worker
The Rance Allen Group - Joy In My Soul
The Rance Allen Group - Something About...
The Rance Allen Group - Heaven is...
The Williams Brothers - Cooling Water
The Williams Brothers - You Are The Reason
Tiffany Campbell - My Provider
Timiney Figueroa - Why Not Trust God Again
Tina Gaines - A Hiding Place
Tommie Smith - Holy Lamb
Trin-i-tee - God's Grace
Tye Tribbet & GA - Supersatar
Tye Tribbet & GA - You Can Change
Tye Tribbet & GA - Bless the Lord
Tye Tribbet & GA - Bow Before the King
Tye Tribbet & GA - Everything
Tye Tribbet & GA - Good In the Hood
Tye Tribbet & GA - I Made It Through
Tye Tribbet & GA - I Need You
Tye Tribbet & GA - I Want It All Back
Tye Tribbet & GA - My Joy
Tye Tribbet & GA - No Other Choice
Tye Tribbet & GA - No Way
Tye Tribbet & GA - Shouting Music
Tye Tribbet & GA - Still Have Joy
Tye Tribbet & GA - Struggle
Tye Tribbet & GA - Who Else But God

The Williams Brothers - Cooling Water
The Williams Brothers - You Are The
V. Bell Armstrong - Walking Miracle
V. Bell Armstrong - - It's Over Now
V. Bell Armstrong - - The Classics
V. Bell Armstrong - - Yes He Loves Me
V. Bell Armstrong - - Desire Of My Heart
V. Bell Armstrong - - Because Of You
Vanessa Williams - Here I Go Again
VaShawn Mitchell - Destiny
VaShawn Mithcell - No Way
VaShawn Mitchell - Promises
VaShawn Mitchell - Crazy Praise
VaShawn Mitchell - Provider
Veronica Powell - Zion Praises
Veronica Powell - Mama Pray
Veronica Powell - Down In The Valley
Veronica Powell - Revival Come
Veronica Powell - Won't Have To
Cry Anymore
Veronica Powell - Fire Falling Down
Vicki - Winans - Long As I Got
King Jesus
Vicki Winans - Mary Did You Know
Vicki - Winans - We Shall Behold Him
Vicki - Winans - Already Been
To The Water
Vicki - Winans - Oh What Love
Vicki - Winans - The Rainbow
Vicki - Winans - Safe In His Arm
Vicki - Winans - We Need A Word...
Vicki Yohe - Because Of Who You Are
Vicki Yohe - He's Been Faithful
Virtue - Angels Watching Over Me
Virtue - Thankful
Virtue - Worthy
Walter Hawkings - God Will Open Doors
Walt Whitman - A Brighter Day
Walt Whitman - He's God
Whitney Houston - I Love The Lord
Whitney Houston - Count On Me
Whitney Phipps - Wade In The Water
Whitney Houston - Hold On, Help Is
On The Way
Yolanda Adams - Let Us Worship Him
Yolanda Adams - Lift Him Up
Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart
Yolanda Adams - The Battle Is The Lord's
Yolanda Adams - Afterwhile
Yolanda Adams - This Too Shall Pass
Yolanda Adams - Tonight
Yolanda Adams - Victory
Yolanda Adams - I'm Thankful
Yoanda Adams - Oh Holy Night
Yolanda Adams - Anything
Yolanda Adams - Never Give Up
Yolanda Adams - Be Blessed
Yolanda Adams - I Believe
Yolanda Adams - Continual Praise
Yolanda Adams - Fragile Heart
Yolanda Adams - I Surrender All
Yolanda Adams - Hold On
Yolanda Adams - I Gotta Believe
Yolanda Adams - I Believe I Can Fly
Youth For Christ - The Struggle Is Over
Youth For Christ - I Give You Praise
Zie'l - Surely He's Able
Zie'l - Worship Thee
Zie'l - Everytime I Get A Chance

The Gaithers - Thank You
The Gaithers - It Is No Secret
The Gaithers - The Wonder Of It All
The Gaithers - Sunday Meetin' Time
The Gaithers - Roses Will Bloom Again
The Gaithers - Sanctuary
The Gaithers - My Jesus, I love Thee
The Gaithers - Precious Lord, Take My Hand
The Gaithers - Loving God, Loving Each Other
The Gaithers - It's Gonna Be A Good Day
The Gaithers - Go Rest High On That Mountain
The Gaithers - Everybody Will Be Happy...
The Gaithers - When I Survey...
The Gaithers - Give The World A Smile
The Gaithers - Lead Me To That Rock
The Gaithers - Precious Memories
The Gaithers - Sweet Beulah Land
The Gaithers - My Tribute
The Gaithers - Joy comes In the Morning
The Gaithers - In The Garden
The Gaithers - If I can Help Somebody
The Gaithers - Lord, Send Your Angels
The Gaithers - I'm Free
The Gaithers - Through it all
The Gaithers - Highway To Heaven
The Gaithers - The Old Rugged Cross Made..
The Gaithers - Standing In the need Of Prayer
The Gaithers - Oh What a time
The Gaithers - Climbing Jacobs Ladder
The Gaithers - Knowing You'll Be There.
The Gaithers - How Great Thou Ar
The Gaithers - Knowing You'll Be There
The Gaithers - Leave It There
The Gaithers - It Won't Rain Always
The Gaithers - I Just Feel Like Something Good..
The Gaithers - It's Shouting Time In Heaven
The Gaithers - I've Just Seen Jesus
The Gaithers - I beleive In a hill Called Mt Cal.
The Gaithers - Because He Lives
The Gaithers - Farther Along
The Gaithers - Goodbye World
The Gaithers - He Leadeth Me
The Gaithers - He Touched Me
The Gaithers - I Will Sing Of My Redeemer
The Gaithers - I'll Fly Away
The Gaithers - It's No Secret
The Gaithers - Just As I Am
The Gaithers - Lean On Me
The Gaithers - Lord Send Your Angels
The Gaithers - Majesty
The Gaithers - One Day At A Time
The Gaithers - Over The Hilltop
The Gaithers - The Lord's Prayer
The Gaithers - This Is Just What Heaven
The Gaithers - Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
The Gaithers - I Will Glory In The Cross
The Gaithers - God On The Mountain
The Gaithers - Amen
The Gaithers - Gone
The Gaithers - When God Seems So Near
The Gaithers - Singing With The Saints
The Gaithers - It Is Finished
The Gaithers - You'll Never Walk Alone
The Gaithers - Up Above My Head
The Gaithers - When He Was Gone...
The Gaithers -

The Gaithers - God Bless America
The Gaithers - Battle Hymn Of The Republic
The Gaithers - The Star-Spangled Banner
The Gaithers - America, The Beautiful
The Gaithers - This Land Is Your Land
The Gaithers - Let Freedom Ring
The Gaithers - My Country 'Tis Of Thee
The Gaithers - God Bless The USA
The Gaithers - Onward, Christian Soldiers
The Gaithers - A Few Good Men
The Gaithers - I Pledge Allegiance
The Gaithers - Mary Was The First One To
Carry The Gospel
The Gaithers - New Star Shining
The Gaithers - Reaching
The Gaithers - Little One
The Gaithers - It's Still The Greatest Story
Ever Told
The Gaithers - Mary, Did You Know
The Gaithers - Go Tell Everyone
The Gaithers - Hand Of Sweet Release
The Gaithers - Then Came The Morning
The Gaithers - I Shall Wear a Crown
The Gaithers - The Lighthouse
The Gaithers - When We All Get Together
The Gaithers - There Is Power In The Blood
The Gaithers - Where We'll Never Grow Old
The Gaithers - Turn Your Radio On
The Gaithers - Leaning On The Everlasting...
The Gaithers - Old Friends
The Gaithers - Jesus, Hold My Hand
The Gaithers - Praise The Lord
The Gaithers - When I Get To The End
Of The Way
The Gaithers - I've Got That Old Time Religion...
The Gaithers - Searchin
The Gaithers - How Big Is God
The Gaithers - Looking For A City
The Gaithers - Stepping On The Clouds
The Gaithers - How Long Has It Been
The Gaithers - When The Rains Come
The Gaithers - Where No One Stands Alone
The Gaithers - Follow Me
The Gaithers - Victory In Jesus
The Gaithers - One Day
The Gaithers - Living By Faith
The Gaithers - My Savior First Of All
The Gaithers - Without Him
The Gaithers - Mansion Over The Hilltop
The Gaithers - Serenaded By Angels
The Gaithers - Mary, Did You Know
The Gaithers - Until Then
The Gaithers - Heaven's Jubilee
The Gaithers - Rise Again
The Gaithers - Sometimes Alleluia
The Gaithers - Child Of The King
The Gaithers - Peace In The Valley
The Gaithers - Railway To Heaven
The Gaithers - Redeemed
The Gaithers - Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
The Gaithers - The Blood Will Loose It's Power
The Gaithers - The Sinners Prayer
The Gaithers - Up Above My Head
The Gaithers - Victory In Jesus
The Gaithers - Waiting On Jesus
The Gaithers - What A Friend We
Have In Jesus
The Gaithers - Whispering Hope
The Gaithers - Why Me Lord

Barbara Jones - Thank You For The Blessings
Carlene Davis - Stand Up For Jesus
Claudelle Clarke - Glory Glory
Collington Daley - Who Could It Be?
Collington Daley
- Wings To Heaven
Donnie McClurkin
- Languarge Medley
Donnie McClurkin - Caribean Medley
Fitz Aransevia - The Only One
Fitz Aransevia - Lover Of My Sout
Fitz Aransevia - Garden Alone
George Banton - Run Come Seek The Lord
Grace Thrillers - Can't Even Walk
Grace Thrillers - Christian Soldiers
Grace Thrillers - Bring Me Down
Grace Thrillers - Crown Him
Grace Thrillers - Holly Ghost Power
Grace Thrillers - Holy holy
Grace Thrillers - I Must Tell Jesus
Grace Thrillers - Just Because You Are
Grace Thrillers - Majesty
Grace Thrillers - Oh It Is Jesus
Grace Thrillers - Shout To the Lord
Grace Thrillers - Tear Drops
Grace Thrillers - Tell Me The Story
Grace Thrillers - Until The Storm Passes By
Israel & New Breed - All Around
Lloyd Brown - Rejoice In Your Blessings
Toronto Mass Choir - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Toronto Mass Choir
- Caribean Praise Medley
Veronica Powell - A Wey Me Do?
Veronica Powell - Gospel Fever
Veronica Powell - Revival Come
Veronica Powell - Just Started Living
Veronica Powell - Jehovah Liveth
Veronica Powell - Peace In The Valley
Veronica Powell - Saved By Grace
Veronica Powell - It's Not Over Now

Lloyd Brown - Rejoice In Your Blessings
Lubert Levy - Stop Gazing
Lubert Levy - Man From Gailaiee
Lubert Levy - I'm Not For Sale
Lubert Levy - Blessings Again
Lubert Levy - Don't Touch It
Marvia Providence - Stop Let Me Tell You
Marvia Providence - We've Got The Victory
Marvia Providence - It's Raining
Marvia Providence - Here My Cry Oh Lord
Marvia Providence
- I Feel Like Running
Mikey Spice
  - Born Again
Morgan Heritage - Down By The River
Morgan Heritage - Take Up Your Cross
Patrick Blair - Lift My Voice
Rudy Thomas - Jesus Medley
Warren Brady
- A Little More OIl
Warren Brady
- Choose Life
Warren Brady
- Don't Let Them Fool You
Warren Brady
- Holy Spirit
Warren Brady
- I'm Waiting
Warren Brady
- Jesus Is Mine
Warren Brady
- Send Down The Rain
Warren Brady - Jesus On The Mountain
Warren Brady
- Man to Man
Warren Brady
- Mercy Please
Warren Brady
- My Officer
Warren Brady
- Power In The Blood
Warren Brady
- Praise Him
Warren Brady - Promised Land
Warren Brady
- Read Your Bible
Warren Brady - Roll Is Called Up
          Warren Brady - Stand Up
Warren Brady - Stone A Rolling
Warren Brady
- Sweet Deliverance
Rudy Thomas - Jesus Medley
Sanchez - Amazing Grace
Sanchez - Wonderful Stranger
- Believe  

Angela Christie - Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Angela Christie - Center Of My Joy
Ben Tankard - Bible Keys
Ben Tankard - God Will Take Care Of You
Ben Tankard - You Will Know
Eric Coleman & Shell Massey - Lil Ol Church
Eric Coleman & Shell Massey - Positive Change

Harold Rayford - Message 4 The Youth
Harold Rayford - Say A Little Prayer
Harold Rayford - Why We Sing

Kirk Whalum - Christ Is All
Kirk Whalum - Fairest Lord Jesus
Kirk Whalum - I Must Tell Jesus
Kirk Whalum - I Want Jesus To Walk With Me
Kirk Whalum - I Will Trust In The Lord
Kirk Whalum - In The Garden
Kirk Whalum - Jesus Is All The World To Me
Kirk Whalum - Jesus Paid It All

Kirk Whalum - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Kirk Whalum - My Faith Looks Up To Thee
Kirk Whalum - Softly And Tenderly
Kirk Whalum - What The Lord Means To Me
Kirk Whalum - Falling In Love With Jesus
Kirk Whalum - Lord I Want To Be A Christian
Kirk Whalum - What The Lords Means To Me
Partners In Christ - Covenant With You
Partners In Christ - I Dream Of Heaven
Partners In Christ - Cast Your Fears Away

Andrews University Singers - I Saw One Weary
Andrews University Singers - Watch Ye Saints
Micheal Harris
- Amazing Grace
Micheal Harris - He Grew The Tree
Micheal Harris - How Great Thou Art
Micheal Harris - I Bowed On My Knees
Micheal Harris - In Christ Alone
Micheal Harris - My Jesus I Love Thee
Micheal Harris - Amazing Grace
Micheal Harris - I Believe in a Hill Called Mt Calvary
Micheal Harris - To The Cross
Micheal Harris - To Be Like Jesus
Micheal Harris - The Lords Prayer
Micheal Harris - The Day He Wore My Crown
Micheal Harris - Thank You
Micheal Harris - O Calvarys Lamb
Micheal Harris - My House Is Full
Micheal Harris - More Grace
The Gaithers - Rock of Ages
The Gaithers - Blessed Assurance
The Gaithers - I Will Sing the Wonderous Story
The Gaithers - Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
The Gaithers - Glorious Freedom
The Gaithers - Tell Me the Story of Jesus
The Gaithers - Joy to the World
The Gaithers - Majesty
The Gaithers - I Will Sing of My Redeemer
The Gaithers - Redeemed
The Gaithers - The Love of God
The Gaithers - There is Power in the Blood
The Gaithers - We're Marching to Zion
The Gaithers - What a Friend We Have in Jesus
The Gaithers - Farther Along
The Gaithers - Our God Reigns
The Gaithers - The Haven of Rest
Wintley Phipps - All Hail The Power Of Jesus
Wintley Phipps - And Can It Be?

Baverley Nares - Artist of My Sould
Baverley Nares - Come To Me
Baverley Nares - He's Always There
Baverley Nares - He's Always There
Baverley Nares - I've Seen Jesus
Baverley Nares - In His Presence
Baverley Nares - Little Flowers
Baverley Nares - Masterpiece
Baverley Nares - No More Night
Baverley Nares - The Flower Duet
Baverley Nares - The Prayer
It Is Written Singers - Celebration Of Praise
It Is Written Singers - Oh Believe Me!
It Is Written Singers - No More Night
It Is Written Singers - Let's Just Praise The Lord
It Is Written Singers - Power Of Your Love
It Is Written Singers - Homesick For Heaven
It Is Written Singers - Always Be As A Child
It Is Written Singers - With The Sound Of Trumpets
It Is Written Singers - I'll Never Let You Go
It Is Written Singes - Trust His Heart
It Is Written Singers - Soon I Will Be Done
It Is Written Singers - Baruch Hashem Adonai
It Is Written Singers - All Hail The Power
It Is Written Singers - There Is No One Like You
It Is Written Singers - What A Friend
It Is Written Singers - Halleluia

Adrian Westney - Jesus Is Mine
Adrian Westney - No Not One
Christopher Dellen - Blessed Assurance
Christopher Dellen - In the Garden
Christopher Dellen - Timeless Tribute
Christopher Dellen - As the Deer
Christopher Dellen - Friends Medly
Christopher Dellen - The ExoduS
Christopher Dellen - Were You There.
Christopher Dellen - Unshakeable Faith Medley
Christopher Dellen - A Child of the King.
Christopher Dellen - The Old rugged Cross
Alexander Mitchell - Love Of My Sould
The L:eader Sisters - Amazing Grace
The L:eader Sisters - I Love You Lord
Harp - Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
Harp - Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Harp - You Are My Hiding Place
Harp - God, Our Help in Ages Past
Harp - In Christ Alone
Harp - Mighty Is the Power of the Cross
Harp - Holy Ground
Harp - And Can It Be That I Should Gain
Harp - There Is A Redeemer
Harp - All Creatures of Our God and King
Harp - Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
Harp - Jesus Paid It All
Jaime Jorge - O Glorious Love
Jaime Jorge - Jesus Died For Me.
Jaime Jorge - Will You Be Ready
Jaime Jorge - Bread of Life
Jaime Jorge - - His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Jaime Jorge - Le Cygne
Jaime Jorge - Hallelujah Chorus
Jaime Jorge - He Hideth My Soul
Jaime Jorge - O Glorious
Jaime Jorge - The Word Is Aliv
Jaime Jorge - He Hideth My Soul
Jaime Jorge - The Old Rugged Cross
Jaime Jorge - I Choose Him TodaY
Jaime Jorge - I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

Acappella Company - Blessed Assurance
Acappella Company - In The Garden
Acappella Company - It Is Well
Acappella Company - Just As I Am
Acappella Company - Softly & Tenderly
Acappella Company - All Hail The Power
Acappella Company - Rock Of Ages
Acappella Company - Holy, Holy, Holy
Acappella Company - Amazing Grace
Straight Company - Find it in Your Heart
Straight Company - I'll Take the Pain
Straight Company - Don't Look Back
Straight Company - To My Love
Straight Company - Death Ain't No Big Deal
Straight Company - Jesus is Coming
Straight Company - On Your Mind
Straight Company - So Excited
Straight Company - Taf Zali
Take 6 - A Quiet Place
Take 6 - Get Away Jordan
Take 6 - Lift Every Voice And Sing
Take 6 - Spread Love
The Ambassadors - Come On Home
The Ambassadors - Freedom
The Ambassadors - He Gave Her Water
The Ambassadors - I Feel The Blood
The Ambassadors - I Go Make Am
The Ambassadors - Love Of God
The Ambassadors - O For A Thousand
Tongues To Sing
The Ambassadors - Someone Is Praying For You
The Ambassadors - Sparrow
7th Element - Everything That Is Beautiful
7th Element - I'll Be Your Friend
7th Element - Lift Every Voice
7th Element - Master Piece Theatre
7th Element - Our Prayer
7th Element - Redeemed
7th Element - Ride the Chariot
7th Element - Ship of Zion
7th Element - The Rock
7th Element - We Give You All The Praise
7th Element - WORL


Crushed By The Stone - Listen
Snatched From The Jaws - Listen
Instructions From The Manuel - Listen
K-9 Factor - Listen
The Ass or Worship: Your Choice - Listen
The Keeper Losses It All - Listen
The Best In The Test - Listen
The Language of The Spirit - Listen
The Love Fence - Listen
Touched By An Angel - Listen
What God Hath Not Joined - Listen
What God Hath Joined - Listen 

A Double Portion - Listen
A Home Base & Hiding Place - Listen
A Voice in the Wilderness - Listen
Evolution, Creation, & Logic - Listen
Gideon Part 1 - Listen
Lord! Lord! - Listen
Not Very Far  - Listen
Rending Our Robes - Listen  
At Home in the Presence of the Lord - Listen
At Jesus' Feet - Listen
Bee-ing a Sweet Christian - Listen
Broken Chains  - Listen
The Little Things - Listen
The Power Of Hope - Listen 
The Richest Caveman - Listen 
The Silence Of God - Listen 
The Unsinkable Ship - Listen 

Amazing Disgrace - Listen
Dinner With A Sinner - Listen
Drinking From Your Own Well   - Listen
Floodgates Of Heaven - Listen
Look Up! -
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall -
Night School  -


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